Church Renovation Project

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Site PlanSite Plan: The sacred landscape at St. Charles will include a series of entrance courtyards pulled back from Hylan Blvd to enhance the experience of entering the church while also creating a space for outdoor gatherings. The bronze statue of St. Charles will be relocated to a prominent location in the entrance plaza (marked by a blue square on this plan). The 9/11 memorial will be relocated to the north side of the church (also marked by a blue square), and a dedicated entrance to the Adoration Chapel will be provided at the south end of the new plaza.   Exterior Church HylanExterior Hylan: A new spire topped by a cross will be constructed along Hylan Blvd. This serves two functions—to visibly mark St. Charles as a church to the surrounding neighborhood and to celebrate the presence of the tabernacle at this location on the interior. The school building is shown to the right of the church in grey for context.
Exterior Church Penn

Exterior Penn: The renovation draws from the church’s original design. The new entrance is inspired by the shape of the old entrance. The existing brick walls will be painted a limestone color, softening the overall appearance of the building. The school building is shown to the right of the church in grey for context.

  Floor Plan

Plan: The main entrance will be relocated so that it is on axis facing east with the center aisle of the nave, altar, and tabernacle beyond. The pews will be reconfigured so that all parishioners will have a clear frontal view of the sanctuary. Alcoves to either side of the sanctuary will provide dedicated spaces for the choir and baptistery.


Section: The new ceiling over the nave lifts upward toward the altar, reinforcing it as the focal point of the Mass. The higher ceiling at the spire and new skylight over the altar and tabernacle celebrate the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and create a clear vertical connection emphasized by the natural light.


Narthex: The narthex will be enlarged, with space for the parish’s existing memorials. It will double as a space for parents to step out briefly if needed while still participating in the Mass, which will be amplified on speakers and visible through glass sidelites.


Sanctuary: Light warm finishes have been selected throughout the church to create a bright, joyful atmosphere and accentuate the colors of the existing stained glass. The altar will be framed by a marble baldachin, and the interior of the spire will be painted a bright white, so it glows from within.


Chapel: All existing storage cabinets will be removed from the Adoration Chapel so it can serve as a dedicated space for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It will be refinished and painted to match the interior of the spire, establishing a connection between Christ’s presence in the tabernacle and the chapel.