Visitation Ministry

“Thus the teaching and language of the Bible present old age as a “favourable time” for bringing life to its fulfillment and, in God’s plan for each person, as a time when everything comes together and enables us better to grasp life’s meaning and to attain “wisdom of heart”. “An honourable old age comes not with the passing of time”, observes the Book of Wisdom, “nor can it be measured in terms of years; rather, understanding is the hoary crown for men, and an unsullied life, the attainment of old age” (4:8-9). Old age is the final stage of human maturity and a sign of God’s blessing.”

“Dear elderly friends who feel insecure because of ill health or other circumstances, I assure you of my closeness and affection. When God permits us to suffer because of illness, loneliness or other reasons associated with old age, he always gives us the grace and strength to unite ourselves with greater love to the sacrifice of his Son and to share ever more fully in his plan of salvation. Let us be convinced of this: he is our Father, a Father rich in love and mercy!”

– St. Pope John Paul II (1920-2005 A.D.), Letter to the Elderly, October 1, 1999


The purpose of the Visitation Ministry is to visit parishioners who are homebound, inform them of current events in the parish, and run some errands.  We welcome you to join us if time permits you to help in this ministry.

If interested in volunteering, please call the rectory.