Renew & Rebuild – FAQs


What will the worship space renovation entail?
The church renovation will address the following: repair, replacement, and restructuring of the existing roof, replacement of the HVAC system, expansion and enhancement of the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel for a more fitting worship environment, installation of additional restrooms to bring us up to code and accommodate the needs of our parish community, and expansion of our vestibule area to reduce congestion and create more gathering space before and after Mass.

What is the purpose of creating additional vestibule space?
An enlarged vestibule will allow parishioners, celebrants and liturgical ministers the proper space to prepare for the many liturgies and sacraments celebrated in our church.  In addition, this will encourage greater fellowship among parishioners before and after Mass. Finally, a larger vestibule will allow for easier ease of access by preventing a congested flow of traffic.

What is specifically changing regarding the repair of the church roof?
A traditional steeple-style church roof will be installed in place of the current flat roof, which has existed since the building was first constructed.  This improvement will prevent further accumulation on top of the roof, and as a result, will decrease the chances of water infiltration inside of the church worship space.

Why is the worship space being reoriented?
In order to best address all of the issues listed above, we need to add more space to our church building.  We cannot expand much on the Hylan Blvd. side of the church.  The reorientation of the worship space will allow us to utilize some of the space between the church and the school so we can have a greater seating capacity, space for the installation of additional restrooms, and the enhancement of the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.  Reorienting the worship space allows us to address the roofing issues and limited space issues in a single endeavor.